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    I cannot believe that indicted war criminal Netanyahu has been invited to speak to the U.S. Congress. I've written to my Senators and Representative, as should you, urging them to have the invitation withdrawn immediately. As a Jew, I feel very deeply the shame with which Netanyahu has sullied...
    May 10, 2024
    I caught an instalment today of the new talk show my local public radio station is trying out, Left Right and Center. I'm giving it a thumbs down. The format is the hackneyed one of a host/interlocutor guiding a discussion of current events among a small group of more or less regular guests. ...
    Those were Benjamin Franklin's words, when asked what form of government the constitutional convention had come up with. Now it appears the Supreme Court may be ready to piss it away. Yesterday's oral argument in the Supreme Court was horrifying, genuinely so. You'd think that the main stream...
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    Seth enjoys sharing his work with an audience. His readings are fun, dramatic, and engaging. To schedule a reading, please contact Seth through this website.

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    The Rabbit

    A passage from Seth's third book, Once Was Lost


    What I had for lunch through most of August. Ceci n'est pas un sandwich.

    Fox says, now your eyes are closed

    A poem from my current book-in-progress. Fox is a major character, clever and wry as his name implies, who enjoys giving me advice laced with a good helping of snark.

    Fox says where are your feet

    This poem was born on June 30, 2022. It's part of my current book project.