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    On May 8, 2024, I'll be joining two other Fomite Press authors, Marc Estrin and Ron Jacobs, for a joint reading and book launch party. I'm the poet in the group. I'll be celebrationg publication of The Dragon of Sassafras Mountain and Other Poems, a collection of lyrics on a variety of subjects...
    December 7, 2023
    I refuse to let Jewish identity be defined by the murderous racists, authoritarians, fanatics, fundamentalists, and psychopaths currently governing Israel, to its shame and destruction. I come from an opposite tradition. The Judaism I received from my ancestors and have sought to pass to my...
    When I was young, it used to be contended that the Holocaust was unique among all other holocausts because of the Nazis' technological approach, turning murder into an industrial process. I believed this, which perhaps is why I am so viscerally disgusted to learn that claim of uniqueness just...
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    Seth enjoys sharing his work with an audience. His readings are fun, dramatic, and engaging. To schedule a reading, please contact Seth through this website.

    Listen to Seth read his poetry

    The Rabbit

    A passage from Seth's third book, Once Was Lost


    What I had for lunch through most of August. Ceci n'est pas un sandwich.

    Fox says, now your eyes are closed

    A poem from my current book-in-progress. Fox is a major character, clever and wry as his name implies, who enjoys giving me advice laced with a good helping of snark.

    Fox says where are your feet

    This poem was born on June 30, 2022. It's part of my current book project.