• The Dragon of Sassafras Mountain


    When spring's last frost glazed greening grass,

    The King and Queen decided at last:


    Their daughter, just grown five years old,

    Was so bold that she should be told


    To STAY OUT OF THE MOAT, where floated

    Lily pads, gold fish, and bloated


    Frogs. And why? BECAUSE, they firmly

    Instructed the Princess sitting squirmy


    On her tuffet, A CURSE WAS LAID


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    A collection of verse in a virtuosic variety of forms and styles, from haiku to the titular fairy tale, a 20 page jeu d'esprit in rhymed couplets, on a broad range of subjects, bound together by the common thread of Steinzor's exploration of what it means to live intensely in acknowledgement of death's constant presence.