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Season's greetings

I refuse to let Jewish identity be defined by the murderous racists, authoritarians, fanatics, fundamentalists, and psychopaths currently governing Israel, to its shame and destruction. I come from an opposite tradition. The Judaism I received from my ancestors and have sought to pass to my children cares for the poor and oppressed; cherishes freedom for all people; respects spirituality and learning; rejects religion and violence; prioritizes social
good over private wealth; prizes creativity, intelligence, and joy over power and possession; speaks truth to power; and recognizes the authority of empathy and conscience over that of any government, doctrine, or leader. This tradition's core value was expressed two thousand years ago by Rabbi Hillel: "That which is hateful to you, don't
do to your neighbor." This is the spirit in which I will light tonight the first candle of Chanukah and wish you all happiness in the coming year.