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    I haven't had much news to post here since the summer.  That lull in the pandemic seems like a long-lost golden age of innocense regained, now that omicron is casting us back to a fearful uncertainty wearyingly reminiscent of early 2020.   But my holiday season, though stressful indeed, was...
    Daniel Christian, Dante scholar, laureate of the Robert M. Durling Prize from the Dante Society of America,  editor of Educating the Eye: Essays From High School Students Inspired By Dante, and proprietor of the web site Dante Is Everywhere, reviews Once Was Lost.  Quite apart from the high...
    I don't like a lot of modern poetry.  It's too purely personal, in all the ways that implies.  Reading again Peter Ackroyd's biography of William Blake, some 26 years after I first encountered it, I come upon a passage that strikes me even more forcibly now than it did the first time I read it. ...
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    Seth enjoys sharing his work with an audience. His readings are fun, dramatic, and engaging. To schedule a reading, please contact Seth through this website.

    Listen to Seth read his poetry

    The Rabbit

    A passage from Seth's third book, Once Was Lost


    What I had for lunch through most of August. Ceci n'est pas un sandwich.

    Star of Bethelehem, Part 1

    The first part of a story from Among the Lost.

    Star of Bethelehem, Part 2

    The second part of a story from Among the Lost.

    On A Clouded Solstice, Looking Back

    This sonnet came to me the night of December 21, 2020.

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